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DronePix uses only DJI Drones, which use GPS and Satellites. DJI is the number one dealer of Professional and Hobbyist Drones in the USA

 Currently we carry:

Spark's, Mavic's, Phantom's and Inspire Drones

DronePix is known for all of our services

in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

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Our Pilots


DronePix Pilots are all FAA 107 Certified. All of our Pilots follow the FAA Rules and Regulations without exception.

 The Pilots which we will choose to fly for our clients are hand picked for their expertise in the field that is requested.

Why Us?


DronePix is a Veteran Owned Business.

We are Certified and Insured with a Night Waiver specifically for those awesome shots.  DronePix also has the ability to get other waivers which are needed for certain shoots.  

DronePix understands the importance of being legal with all of our flights and will inform you of any extra step we may have to take in order to get the footage you need.

Testimonials from Pilots

Krista R.

 The Drone Pix Part 107 Class I took with Dave, Matt and Nancy was a through and through educational and wonderful experience. I received one-on-one training on leaning the full operation of my drone, how to fly a drone for the first time and the opportunities this new industry could have in the near future. The classroom training exceeded my expectations completely and was explained to me in a variety of ways and settings so that I feel confident going in for my FAA test. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning to be a knowledgeable and safe drone pilot. 


Ricky C.

I took the Private sUAV drone flight training and FAA part 107 test prep class with professors Dave and Nancy, and I successfully earned my FAA part 107 certification!

I was instructed by Dave, who is actually a veteran Marine and former CH-53 helicopter Crew Chief, on how to thoroughly inspect, load, and operate the DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, and Inspire 2. Dave taught me all the pre-flight and flight operations while following all part 107 rules both on and off the ground. The flight classes took place over the course of two days.

Nancy and her assistant Matt were in charge of test prep. Nancy was even kind enough to provide lunch for the 8 hour test prep which provided useful information on all parts covered on the part 107 exam. Matt was in charge of some of the tough bits with sectional charts, airport operations, and METAR translation.

For someone looking into getting a thorough, well structured program that will get you prepared for part 107 and can also teach you flight operations and procedures the correct way, this is it.I highly recommend Drone Pix with 5 stars. In fact, I scored 90% on my first attempt at my FAA part 107 exam!
As an added bonus, it’s extra convenient to take class with them if you’re located in or near the Hudson Valley in New York as there aren’t any drone flight schools that I know of in the area.



This is great professional training from very knowledgeable people. They cover every aspect of the book learning and the hands-on flying skills you need and help you prepare for the part 107 test. I passed with 90% and that would not have been possible without the training i got from Nancy, Dave and Matt .


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